Case Studies

City of Clearwater Safely, Seamlessly Implements Conduits System Under Pandemic Conditions

“The benefit to staff time is invaluable in today’s environment and Conduits is allowing Clearwater to maximize staff resources.”

  • Rosemarie Call
  • City Clerk
  • Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is a city in Florida's Tampa Bay area known for sunny weather and gulf coast beaches. The city government serves a population of 116,000.

The staff of the Clearwater city government conducted an efficiency review of their departments to determine where improvements in service could be made. The review found that lien searches on property records were frequent time-consuming tasks -- and were further hindered by important data frequently not being shared between departments. The title companies needing the results of these searches were not being served efficiently.

The Clearwater staff chose to utilize Net Assets’ Conduits application to address the lack of record consolidation. The Net Assets staff worked collaboratively with the Clearwater staff to first outline the steps for implementation and then to identify relevant data sets from different Clearwater city departments for import into the Conduits database.

In the midst of this implementation, the Covid-19 pandemic had prompted a stay-at-home order from the Florida State Government. The Clearwater city government offices closed on March 27th, 2020. Despite this setback, the data migration into the new system continued through the efforts of Clearwater’s remote workers and Net Assets staff, enabling the launch of Clearwater’s Conduits Reporting Service on April 1st, 2020.

The benefits of the new system were quickly apparent. The lien information was available to title companies instantly at point of sale and to work-from-home employees who used the new system to research additional public record requests. The Clearwater staff was able to provide full service to customers and city residents despite the difficulties the pandemic had presented.

City Clerk Rosemarie Call describes the implementation process as a positive experience, saying that it “could not have been coordinated any better.” She reports there has been no negative feedback from the application users and has praised the Net Assets staff for their helpful and responsive customer support.

Riviera Beach Partners with Net Assets for Long-Term Benefits

"The convenience of providing on-line lien search capabilities to our customers, title companies, and employees at the click of a button has had only positive impacts on City operations."

  • Randy Sherman
  • Director of Finance
    & Administrative Services
  • Riviera Beach, Florida

Riviera Beach is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida and is the easternmost municipality in the Miami metropolitan area. The municipality serves a population of nearly 35,000 people. The Riviera Beach city government implemented Conduits for lien searches in 2014.

Randy Sherman, the Director of Finance and Administration Services for Riviera Beach, recalls the state of the lien search process prior to Conduits implementation as taking hours due to “scattered recordkeeping using excel files without cross references or property control numbers”. Lien searches under those conditions required the efforts of at least one full-time employee per week.

Riviera Beach adopted Conduits to resolve the record keeping difficulties. Sherman describes the program implementation process as quick and easy. He additionally praises the collaborative nature of the relationship with Net Assets. Net Assets provided thorough testing for Riviera Beach’s lien payoff calculations in a collaborative nature that Sherman describes as a “fantastic response.”

Riviera Beach soon benefitted from the new Conduits system. Lien search requests that had formerly required hours of research now only took seconds. Sherman notes that the reduced personnel resources led to a 150% increase in revenue from lien searches.

Sherman remains a satisfied customer six years later, saying “I wish there were other processes we had that worked as smoothly as Net Assets does.”

When asked what he would do to improve about the product, Sherman responds “It just goes so smoothly. I can’t imagine we could make it better.”     |     541-485-8876
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